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Christmas Past by Eniko Nyerges

In Author on December 18, 2014 at 6:02 am

Remembering Christmas by Eniko Nyerges

Author of Images of Faith

I remember the most beautiful Christmases we used to have as I was growing up in

White Christmas

White Christmas Europe

Europe. My grandma wasn’t rich yet she could make this holy day glow with a feeling
of reverence and pure joy. Once a year we had the privilege to voice our wishes. She
used to buy this midsize tree which scent filled the whole house. It was a time to
be busy plotting the big festive dinner, hold secrets from each other regarding the
gifts and find good hiding spots so no one would find the gift you intended to give
them. I loved and still love this holy day. I helped grandma with many things and
never was a burden for little as I was I knew that I had to help out for it was
impossible for her to do it all alone. We celebrated Christmas Eve with delicious
dinner, after worth we sang holy songs, than opening all our presents and crowning
the day with Midnight Mass. My wish, old as I am now, still is the same for Christmas
namely; to have snow. To me there is something so awesome to have a white
Christmas. To me it represents Baby Jesus’ purity. Yes, it was hard to stay up till
midnight for Mass, but there was something so profound and enchanting about that
night, that I would never have exchanged it with any riches in the world. The sky
usually was full of stars and the air was crispy clean. To hear your own footsteps
crunching the snow was awesome. On the streets peace and profound quiet was
reigning, occasionally a dog’s barking would break that silence as we walked home.
We felt so holy, and so cold in the chilly weather. After going home we went to bed
content in every way knowing that we welcomed Baby Jesus in our hearts and homes.
Our sleep was most sweet that night. Next morning everyone looked over their gifts
and we had a light lunch. Afterwards we went to exchange gifts with our relatives.
Our Christmases were very simple and very moving. Baby Jesus was our focus and as
kids we tried to be truly the best we could be to our parents. Oh, blessed Christmas
how beautiful and sacred you are! Come Lord Jesus take up your home in our hearts. We love you.

This is a personal story of Eniko Nyerges, remembering her time in Europe during the Christmas season.

Peace by Eniko Nyerges

In Author on December 4, 2014 at 5:48 pm

Peace in Our Hearts by Eniko Nyerges


Peace……how wonderful it sounds. We sing about it in songs, carry banners and
encourage people, talk about it, yet no one wants it truly for that would involve
the heart which wold have to change. Well…. That’s the place where peace would be

Images of Faith

Eniko Nyerges

born, but we rather embrace the darkness than light. In the light everything is
exposed as is, in darkness all is fine for it covers us and we love covering.
Imagine if all people of the earth would really want peace? There would no longer be
a war. Killing machine factories would close, and mothers would no longer cry for
their sons who were killed in the war. There would be no jails with people in it,
for these individuals would have peace and not an ounce of unrest inside of them. In
my opinion if peace begins with me and you and you and so forth… It would take a
foothold and spread. God would delight in His creatures, truly would make Him happy.
Just like St. Francis said to his brothers; come brothers, let’s begin anew for up
to now we done anything . May God’s peace rest on you.

Written by Eniko Nyerges, she’s the author of Images of Faith.

A Mother of Sorrows by Eniko Nyerges

In Author on November 24, 2014 at 10:48 pm

My dear Mother, sorrowful Lady, how I would like to console thee. I utter a prayer
for Thee hoping to weave a crown of roses without the piercing thorns. My heart
gravitates towards Thee , but in my humanness I can only take a faint glimpse of Thy

Eniko Nyerges

Images of Faith Bookmarks

sorrow which Thou hast endured for me and humanity. I too being a mother, can only
feel Thy pain to a limit and no more. I too dear Mother have a son and my heart
goes out to you. It is mind bugling to contemplate the fact that in Thy womb God’s
only son’s heart was beating under Thine wow……What joy and privilege. What
perfect vessel for His Majesty. I have no words….To give birth in a stable , well
that belongs to the animals, yet was the site of the Holiest birth ever! What
poverty, what splendor, I fall silent again…..Thy tender heart was anxious about
the day when like any mother has to let go of her child and hand him over to the
world. A wound had opened up and there is nothing to say anymore……The ultimate
sorrow was the long walk to Calvary and the agony of thy beloved son. Only a loving
glimpse between mother and son consoled each other. The utter helplessness of Her
who loved her son so much…..too much to endure, but the ever quiet resignation to
God’s will was present in Mary’s heart…….yes Lord thy will be done. To see her
son crucified standing under the cross……we’ll there are no words to tell, but
only silent tears to shed and share with another. Sorrow untold, contemplated by
many , but lived only by Mother Mary. Oh, my dear Mother how I wish to hug Thee to
my heart and console Thee , but that is impossible . Only a loving glimpse between
two mothers will speak volumes. No words needed……No mother wants to see her son
on the cross. Thy generosity was and is limitless, unselfish, for that is who thou
art. Oh, great Mother of God, all I can do is to contemplate Thy sorrows in utter
silence and shed unseen tears inwardly. My Mother and my Queen.

This story was written by Eniko Nyerges, author of Images of Faith. Her book can be purchased online at and

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