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The Hive Life by Gabi Boros

In Guest Writer, Poem on April 4, 2015 at 6:39 pm

The Hive Life

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Bee Hive Queen

My day starts the same as the rest.
I am not the queen, far from it.
I protect the queen, I am a worker.
I have no love, I have no life.
I have only my duty and job.

My job is to be a slave to the queen.

I must do every order of hers.
I must fight the opposing bees.
I must make sure that our hive is safe.
And I mustn’t think about my own life.

For I don’t have one, not a glimmer.
My life as a worker is bleak and hopeless.

I seek freedom, however.

I want my eternal dreams to be fulfilled.
I want to start a family and live.
But I am bound to the queen bee.
I am stuck to her like honey.

Mark my words though, world.
I will escape the service of the queen.
I will began my ascent to glory.
I will be the first rebel of my kind.

Until the day, I must wait.
I must serve, but there is a new light.
And when that light begins to flash,
I will take flight to the skies.

I will rebel.
I will escape.

A Life in a Bottle by Eniko Nyerges

In Author on March 24, 2015 at 1:11 pm

A Life in a Bottle

Images of Faith

Eniko Nyerges

An old woman sitting on her porch rocking back and forth in her rocking chair,
looking onto her beautiful garden and blue sky, was caught up in this wonderful
thought. What if she could meet all the generations whom went before her to the
Lord. Her heart was elated and went further. What if an angel would zoom her in a
blink of an eye in front of a most beautiful jewel decked door and when would open
it she would find a huge room full of bottles in which I life was bottled up. In
spirit she visited such a place and the angel told her to open a bottle than another
than another and meet her ancestors for the first time. She did as she was
instructed, lo and behold the luminous substance came out of the bottle and they all
stood in front of her smiling, greeting her. It was granted to her to see all their
lives as God sees it. She understood many things which she questioned in her
lifetime, got advices, along with long lost family recipes of delightful cakes,
instructions and warnings so would not make the same mistakes they did so long ago.
They rejoiced to see her accomplishments and were proud of her who she become . She
had seen grandma’s hidden sacrifices for the sake of her family while living. The
sleepless nights when she was sick as a child, the giving of her much needed stash
of money to the family in need. He saw their pains and sorrows as God seen it. What
a different view it was than hers. She had seen the effect of judging, gossip and
similar things we humans do while living. It was an eye opening experience. She
gathered that she better write things down so the next generation could learn from
her experience, after all she was so close to the threshold of eternity due to her
advanced years. She saw all her ancestors as masterpieces of God’s love and how
precious we all are even if we don’t think or know so. God truly delighted in His
people. In an instant the angel appeared and said gently : ” it’s time to go back
for you have been given the privilege to see all these lives as they were in all
it’s fullness. When you shall pass through these pearly gates, you too shall live
this wonderful life which never ends.” With that the angel in a wink of an eye
zoomed her back into her rocking chair. A granddaughter yelling; ” grandma,
grandma!” had broken her wonderful, most amazing thoughts. She knew it was real but
than again, was it? Or was just a wishful thinking? Her grand daughter was hugging,
squeezing her neck along with many butterfly kisses as she snapped back to this

Domesticated by Gabriel Boros

In Author on March 3, 2015 at 4:23 am


Its a word that cannot describe much
in this killer day and age.
Its a word that cannot be used to describe
wolves, which are very much like society.

For when we shoot, they bare fangs.
And when we stab, they viciously slash.
And when war comes, we answer the call
of death, just as wolves answer the call of the wild.

This killing is primordial.

It is an untouched manifesto of life.
As old as life itself and its predecessors.
You cannot remove it, and its always there.
We kill as much as wolves kill their prey.

This mindlessness questions our sanity.
Wolves kill for food and survival.
We kill for glory, but nothing else.
There is no purpose to it.
So why do it and stain the earth?
There is no purpose or reward.
It is completely and utterly mindless.
This killing is primordial. That is why we do it.

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