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A Mother’s Tears by Eniko Nyerges

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A Mother’s Tears are Very Special to God.

A tall, beautiful woman with black wavy
hair, dressed up in a most beautiful princess like wedding dress and walking down the

Eniko Nyerges

Eniko Nyerges

aisle full of hopes for the future. A lot of things running through her head and she
realizes that this walk is her last as a young maiden. Those times will never
return, a new chapter in her life will begin as soon as she pronounces her wows.
Life begins in a bliss which will turn into a road full of tears later, but she does
not know it yet. Tears of joy will follow as she brings forth her first child. She
is all a child would want as a mother. She cares for her child by watching every
breath of hers at night. Every whimpering she hears and according to the needs she
attends. More children follow and tears of joy not knowing that the very life she
gave to them once will be sucked out of her later. She suffers the second world war (WWII)
just to be left without a husband, stuck with halfway grown children. Life is hard
but she marches on like a good trooper, managing everything as best as she knows
how, for she has a precious gift, called; wisdom. Many of nights she cried silently
so no children would hear it. Every tear she shed fell like crystal beads on
Heaven’s floor making a most beautiful sound which God heard. He decided to send
angels to console her. Two of her children were taking from her. Only another mother
can understand another ‘s tears. More crystals, abundantly falling. She kept smiling
while her eyes were lifted to Heaven silently praying for more courage. She lived a
long life but was not the same after the tragedies. She felt like an empty vessel
still living. At the end, she passed on just to meet her long lost children who
brought life back to her, but this time was everlasting. As far as her tears go….well God used it to give
them as gift to others who took life and children for granted in this life.

The Birds by Gabriel Boros

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The birds.

They soar the sky, they spar with the wind, and are fierce.

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Eagle and Swan

The rulers of all that attempt to glide, to fly, to soar.
The princes and princesses of the sky, the blue royalty.
Some flightless, yet still beautiful, save the cowardly ostrich.

But one king rules over all.

The eagles, with their deadly precision, rule over all that fly.
They dive, they speed, and while not the fastest, are glorious to watch.
A patriotic symbol and a white flag, the symbol of the brave.
Never doubted, over the greatest aerial hunter in existence.

This is the mortal enemy of mice.

They scurry to hide from its harsh wrath of righteously unfair pain.
Their holes are sometimes not enough to stop the purging beast.
However, against all anomaly, the eagle is the greedy baby.
And the mice, they are the fearful parents who don’t want to get hurt.

And this is another cycle of nature.

Without the mice, the eagle would die out.
Yet without the eagle, there would be anarchy.
Without a ruler to be seen, everything would descend upon one.
One without a predatory habits a peaceful denizen.

The swan.

But the swan is not fit for ruling the skies.
It is a water dweller and a peaceful being.
The king must be fierce, and enforcing.
And there is no queen in this monarch.

And so, the cycle must hold on to its rhythm.
As it has for hundreds upon hundreds of years.
The cycle remains undisturbed for now,
But it is a fragile being and is in constant danger.

But this is how nature works.

The End.

The Tree by Eniko Nyerges

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The Tree

In the beginning was God who thought of a tree, formed it out of millions of

Images of Faith

Eniko Nyerges author of Images of Faith

molecules. He looked at it and said; “well done, looks lovely and will provide man
with much needed shade and precious oxygen for him to breath.” There it was, sturdy,
tall, full of leafs in every shade of green. Birds found a home and built a nest for
the next generation to live on. The trees were soon everywhere forming a lush forest
and the birds had a concert hall to sing in. Sunshine caressed every leaf and the
saplings grew into more tall trees. Oxygen was in abundance so man could breath
fresh air. All throughout the history of mankind, we used the tree for cooking as a
firewood, building homes, landscaping with it, beautifying our yards. Often times we
abused the tree in many ways but it never stopped serving us with much comfort.
Every tree has a story to tell if they could talk. Some live to be one hundred years
to see, others being logged and build houses and decks out of them. Some die while
just a sapling, some give precious shade for wild animals while others are
beautifying someone’s yard. For me, it reminds me of the tree of life and how we
have one beginning, than we branching out, each in our own way and form a most
perfect tree of life who’s author is, none other but God. A tree always fascinated
me ever since I was little. They are precious, therefore should be loved, cared for
and nurtured.