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Domesticated by Gabriel Boros

In Author on March 3, 2015 at 4:23 am


Its a word that cannot describe much
in this killer day and age.
Its a word that cannot be used to describe
wolves, which are very much like society.

For when we shoot, they bare fangs.
And when we stab, they viciously slash.
And when war comes, we answer the call
of death, just as wolves answer the call of the wild.

This killing is primordial.

It is an untouched manifesto of life.
As old as life itself and its predecessors.
You cannot remove it, and its always there.
We kill as much as wolves kill their prey.

This mindlessness questions our sanity.
Wolves kill for food and survival.
We kill for glory, but nothing else.
There is no purpose to it.
So why do it and stain the earth?
There is no purpose or reward.
It is completely and utterly mindless.
This killing is primordial. That is why we do it.

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Sky and Nature by Gabi Boros

In Guest Writer, Poem on January 31, 2015 at 5:11 am

When we look up, we see a constant
Source of evelasting beauty.
A constant generator of love and
Sadness. And we cluster the images we see. This is the true cycle of nature.

The sun, a light on the darkness of life. The reviving source of many lives.

Representing happiness, we indulge on this happiness, and it ever
satisfies. The sign of beauty, it is an everlasting gift from god.

The rainbows, a stunning love interest, the absolute beauty of life.
The ultimate sign of happiness,
It is more than a weather miracle.
And it is not an illusion or distraction,
It is a miracle for when good happens.

The clouds, forever cemented as
the mark of eternal boredom.
The natural element that shows a
Source of everlasting regularity.
A requiem of the endless cycle of
Life, and a sign of comfort.
Taken forever for granted, and
The forever source of life and death.

And storms, representing a long source of anger and hatred.
Crying eternally, spilling its natural tears onto the innocent earth at hand.
Representing anger, it is the world at brutal war with itself and nature.
The sign of depression, sadness, war and total destruction in time.

This cycle powers the earth into a
Chain of the unmentioned elements.
And the earth accepts this cycle,
As we accept this very same cycle.
This is everlasting, never-ending,
And accepted eternally in life.
This cycle does not move on,
And it supports our very short lives.

“The Last One” a Poem by Gabi Boros

In Poem on January 2, 2015 at 4:42 am
The Last One

The Last One Poem by Gabi Boros

The Last One


When you look at the cone, all you see is pure taste.
Deliciousness in a multicolored casing for three euros.
And when you eat, you savor every flavor of the nutty goodness.
But when you reach the end, the world is telling you something.

The world is telling you that this is truly the last one.
It tells you to savor, to look it in its non existing eyes and say,
No, I won’t eat you, because you are the very last one.
I must savor your very presence, and make you last.

This feeling holds to you, and you must decide:
When is the opportune moment to eat you?
When is the moment when you are the right treat?
When is the moment, when you are very much perfect?

Yet this holding feeling is not your conscience.
This holding feeling is your bad side, it is.
Because your good side would say, eat it.
Eat this delicious treat now, because you are making a mess.


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