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Silence sits upon my tender throat, Devouring vibrations of attempted speech, Preys upon cries for help, slithering down Consuming hope radiating from the breast. Spreading tendrils to the limbs, c…

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Against the Dark by Landan Reimer

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City lights see me smile,

twinkling through darkness  

With cheery strength.    


Mine begins to wane

Pushing to the end

Of what we started


The dark road beneath us,

Running from the lights,

To the open skies


We stay our course,  

Riding through the night,

Escaping what’s done.


City lights give hope,

Strong against the night,

Knowing dawn is coming


Reinforcements rising,

On the horizon,

Crowned in glory


Swallowing darkness,

Powerless in its maw

Light will triumph


I am now stronger,

For not giving up,

I stood against the dark.

Landan Reimer – Writer and Poet
Learn more about landan by visiting his blog.

A Mother’s Tears by Eniko Nyerges

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A Mother’s Tears are Very Special to God.

A tall, beautiful woman with black wavy
hair, dressed up in a most beautiful princess like wedding dress and walking down the

Eniko Nyerges

Eniko Nyerges

aisle full of hopes for the future. A lot of things running through her head and she
realizes that this walk is her last as a young maiden. Those times will never
return, a new chapter in her life will begin as soon as she pronounces her wows.
Life begins in a bliss which will turn into a road full of tears later, but she does
not know it yet. Tears of joy will follow as she brings forth her first child. She
is all a child would want as a mother. She cares for her child by watching every
breath of hers at night. Every whimpering she hears and according to the needs she
attends. More children follow and tears of joy not knowing that the very life she
gave to them once will be sucked out of her later. She suffers the second world war (WWII)
just to be left without a husband, stuck with halfway grown children. Life is hard
but she marches on like a good trooper, managing everything as best as she knows
how, for she has a precious gift, called; wisdom. Many of nights she cried silently
so no children would hear it. Every tear she shed fell like crystal beads on
Heaven’s floor making a most beautiful sound which God heard. He decided to send
angels to console her. Two of her children were taking from her. Only another mother
can understand another ‘s tears. More crystals, abundantly falling. She kept smiling
while her eyes were lifted to Heaven silently praying for more courage. She lived a
long life but was not the same after the tragedies. She felt like an empty vessel
still living. At the end, she passed on just to meet her long lost children who
brought life back to her, but this time was everlasting. As far as her tears go….well God used it to give
them as gift to others who took life and children for granted in this life.